Sunday, May 31, 2009

Coming to a close

Seven and a half more days until;
more hours at work, heightened responsibility.
more hours to sleep in, stay up late, and exhaust myself irresponsibly.
more time to see the ones I care about, without the stress of english deadlines.
more opportunities during the week to climb trees and unleash creativity.
Enthusiastic, Effervescent, Excitement.
I. Can't. Wait.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Vent #1

I want to say what is on my mind without really saying what I think- as not to offend.
Why?!!?! I don't see a point.
No benefits.
No matter how many ways you spin it, it's unattractive and I can't find a way to justify it.
Ending point;
EW. edhauiwhduiwahuidwad.

This helped.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Well, this Stinks

I think I am allergic to perfume. Maybe a specific ingredient in the perfume or the whole thing- but whatever it is, I get headaches, my nose itches and I get sniffles, I feel a pain in my chest like it's hard to breathe a little- and well, I don't like it, obviously. I'm hoping It's just an ingredient that's shared between the three perfumes I have, and not a vital ingredient for most perfumes, because I really like smelling good :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

This right here...

is the most delicious sandwich created by mankind.
Peanut Butter and Dill Pickle on White Bread.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother :)

Mother's Day! It's beautiful outside, the sun is shining, and my siblings and I have pitched in so that my mom can relax and garden all day. For breakfast Chase and Garrett made Waffles, and for lunch my sister Taylor and I prepared a tea party! I think for dinner I'll cook up a spaghetti squash from our garden. Mother really likes those and I completely understand; so scrumptious!
Here's pictures from the tea party this afternoon :)


Oh Lake Chelan. What a seriously wonderful way to relax after marching for an hour. I sat on this hill for at least an hour, ate Focaccia bread and drank Agua. Oh and this afternoon occurred yesterday. I got home very late after the play, so I was unable to blog about it!

The play. I'll have to post pictures later when I acquire some, but it went wonderful. Much better than opening night! I overcame my nerves, and went up on stage with much more body language and more vivid facial expressions. I felt on fire! :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sunshine and Performances

The sun is out and it's making me very happy. This is a very, very good sign!
Tonight is our first performance of Harvey. I love theater, but it's been a long time since I've acted, so I am very nervous. But I can't wait for the adrenaline to kick in. Any little bit of good luck is going to be well loved and appreciated. So thank you sun for shining!

Here's some pictures I took today :) Oh! And those are my wonderful chickens, by the way :) Aren't they adorable?

Clean Start

Here's to a fresh clean start! A new blog, blank page, fresh scent- if blogs had scents that is. If mine were to have a scent, it would be a mixture of peaches, fresh air, green tea, and laundry detergent. Every scent would be distinct but all together in a jumbled but deliciously splendid way :)

Princess Victory? That sounds rather conceited, doesn't it? My idea behind my URL was that my name, Nicole, means "Victory of the People", hence the victory portion. The Princess portion comes from the fact that I am not in any way shape of form royalty, or ever will be (Even though William is quite dreamy... it could work!), but I still dream sometimes that I live in a medieval fairytale times with gorgeous gowns etc etc. Though I love to dress up on occasion- I'm a bit more of a tom boy. I'd rather get suited up and stab a dragon in the jugular.