Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eventful, just the way I like it (:

Today I slept in-ish. I stayed up till 3am reading, but I slept till 9:30am which was nice, but I wish I was up earlier. I got a phone call around 9am from a hotel in town that I applied for a job at. My brother took a message and a shortly returned their call. They had me come into town within the hour- and after a short interview (Which consisted of, oh your a cheerleader? You knit? What are you working on? You're a christian!? I think you might know my daughter...) I was hired and fitted for a uniform and I started work on the golf course immediately! I'm already down for working 13 days this month along with my other job at the bed and breakfast, I'll be rolling in dough! (: Only 6 people came for golf, so the 4 hours I was there- it was very slow. My best friend and co worker Natalie, who trained me today, and I had a lot of fun taking pictures to document this momentous occasion.

After work was our bible study- then I was off to Woolly Bully Yarns. Seriously, if anyone ever travels to Leavenworth, WA- you have to stop by there. It's the cutest shop with the friendliest of staff. I showed Mary the Hermione hat pattern, and she was so sweet. She helped me find the appropriate yarn, needles, etc. and now I'm actually going to take private lessons so she can help me get started. I promise, I'm actually serious about this. I really want to become an accomplished knitter. I have a feeling I'm not going to get the hat done by the premiere- but at least it's a start. Plus- i already have this lovely grey sweater, Gryffindor Crest Necklace, whimsical black skirt, and I'm going to pick up a red lace camisole at Maurice's. Even if I don't have the hat finished, I'll look perfectly 'bewitching' in Gryffindor colors! (: I'll post pictures. If I wanted to be extremely HP, I do have a cloak with the Gryffindor crest. (:

Monday, June 29, 2009


"One night, a bunch of my friends and I were sitting on the ground, listening to a jazz concert. This random little boy, about 3 or 4 years old, comes up to my very critical friend and hands her a flower. She was smiling and happy for the rest of the night and couldn't stop mentioning the random little boy who was the first to ever give her flowers." - GivesMeHope.com

I just had to share this. It made me smile. There is so much love in this world (:

This is a picture of these two adorable 2 year olds my incredible buddy Kenzie and I saw dancing in Disney Land. I just had to take a picture. There were two girls dressed up as Cinderella and Belle, and this little boy came up to each of them, bowed and then took one girl at a time and kissed their hand and danced. It was the most precious moment I have ever encountered.

can you say, scrumptious?

Organic cherries from a local orchard! (:

Oh, and my current knitting! Do I Know what it will be? Nah, we'll just wait and see.

I really like the yarn though. It took some getting used to, but the created fabric is sooo soft.

I'm effervescing with a hint of disappointment

Today started out wonderful. I was able to sleep in, shower off, and eat breakfast with the wonderful thought of "Ah, Monday. Monday = Payday. Ch-Ching". This thought suddenly faded to cascading tears as my little brother came down with his beloved ferret nestled in his arms. 'Ferroh' has been fighting cancer for the last few months, and they didn't give him much time to live. Garrett, my brother, said today was the day Ferroh needed to be put down. He was suffering too much for too long.
We arrived into town, brought Ferroh to the vet and said our goodbyes. :( His wife died a couple of months prior, so I think he'll be so much happier- out of his sickness and with the one he loves.
After we got the call that we could pick him up, I decided to stay in town longer with my glorious $177 paycheck. I walked by the heaven that is Wooly Bully Yarns- and to my dismay, it was closed. They closed early. Oh well, it opens at ten AM tomorrow, and you can guess where i'll be. I found the most b-e-a-utiful pattern for a Hermione Granger hat on Ravelry. I can wait to Cast On and try it! Only thing is, I need yarn new needles. So tomorrow, i'll be there with my paycheck.
Right now i'm at the library killing time till i'm picked up at 5. If WB yarns were open, i'd be there staring, drooling, adoring for hours. But My books that I ordered are in- "The Great Perhaps" by Joe Meno, and "The Three Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas. I'll tell you how I liked them when i finish. I found the first mentioned on the Indie Next List. Hope it's a good read! Oh I love books :)
Here's some pictures to end this novel...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Before I forget...

I went to Sakura Con 2009 in Seattle this year! My first ever Anime Convention. It was ridiculously amazing, and I can't wait for next year! It was in April, but I forgot to post pictures- so here we go!
I went as Nurse Joy from the Hit Anime/Manga/Video Game Pokemon (DARKER RED HEADED Nurse)

It's a new dawn, a new day-

It's a new life. Wonderful words by Muse.

Ahh, anyways. So step one of my 'journey' is complete. I located and put my knitting in a location I will be forced to look at every morning, everyday. There is no escaping it now. If I want to get better at something, it's inevitable; I need to practice. Am I afraid of practice? I think somewhere in the back of my mind its telling me that If I practice doing this thing- I can't learn this or this. I love learning new things. I'm hoping I can find that same hype and drive to learn new concepts, new things, on my knit journey. I hope, so we'll see.

This morning Andy, my best guy friend ever, is coming over to chill. He's the kind of guy that I just don't even bother getting dressed and dolled up for. We sit around, laugh about gorey movies, play Super Smash, trade pokemon cards, and get dirty in mud, dirt, whatever it's around. We're little kids when we hang out. His blissful, youthful nature is such a relief as we peer over the wall into adultland. Man, i can't wait to see what adventures we'll have in store today. First off, he's rather impressed that I 1.) Loaded up World of Warcraft on my computer, finally. and 2.) I'm playing an Undead instead of a Blood Elf. Secretly, ahh, i want to play on a blood elf. I really like the quests at the beginning, but oh well! Haha.

My blog is looking a little... lackluster. Here's a recently taken photo to spice things up! ...and to justify that my knit talk isn't total bull.


This is a confusing, hard topic for me. I want so much to be successful. I don't see myself as a millionaire, or a Grammy winning actress, just successful. I have a passion for learning, and I've always thought i could learn it all- but looking at all i do, i do things half a**ed. Knitting, jazz, drawing, sewing, piano, writing, bass etc. I'm a starter- not a finisher. I despise this. I need goals. I need to choose one thing, stick with it and excel. I'm thinking that thing will be knitting- but for now, i'll go with the flow and keep you updated. I'm exhausted. -yahn-

"I do love knitting patterns"~Albus Dumbledore HBP

Makes me think, Harry Potter HBP, the movie is almost here. i think i'll make something to wear for the premiere! GOALS! (:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Times Change, So do we

I used to despise my mother's choice in clothing. Looking back, I'm not sure that it was the choice in clothing at all, or rather that she chose it, I did not, and I being the '8-13 year old big girl' I had to make the choices or it could not be considered cool. Now, I love, value, and respect my mother's opinion in my clothing choices. She knows what I like. We have completely different tastes in the way we dress, but she can pick out and find the most inexpensive, wonderful things. Such as this fantastic sundress she bought me today. It's long, purple, flowery and flowing. Tomorrow I'm going on a dinner picnic with my dear friend Louisa, who adores photography. So I'm sure I'll be posting pictures, and yes I shall wear the dress of course! It's a perfect picnic dress. Now I just need to find a new picnic basket.... Hmm.

Friday, June 12, 2009

oh summer time.

A lot has gone down in the last few days. My finals are over and I aced all of the finals I didn't study for, and I got a D+ on the final I studied literally over eight hours for. At least my overall grade wasn't completely suckish (B- in English, FTW).

If you knew my English teacher- you would understand the puddle of happy tears I stood in when I checked my final grades. She is hands down the smartest woman i have ever met. But still the MOST INSANE. She likes Cinnamon bears though, thank gosh.

I hung out with a couple of good girlfriends for the first night of summer break. We played Risk, watched Troy, jumped on the trampoline, and took a plethora of pictures. Here's a glimpse of the night; (: