Friday, May 8, 2009

Clean Start

Here's to a fresh clean start! A new blog, blank page, fresh scent- if blogs had scents that is. If mine were to have a scent, it would be a mixture of peaches, fresh air, green tea, and laundry detergent. Every scent would be distinct but all together in a jumbled but deliciously splendid way :)

Princess Victory? That sounds rather conceited, doesn't it? My idea behind my URL was that my name, Nicole, means "Victory of the People", hence the victory portion. The Princess portion comes from the fact that I am not in any way shape of form royalty, or ever will be (Even though William is quite dreamy... it could work!), but I still dream sometimes that I live in a medieval fairytale times with gorgeous gowns etc etc. Though I love to dress up on occasion- I'm a bit more of a tom boy. I'd rather get suited up and stab a dragon in the jugular.

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  1. Hey! Just saw you on Ravelry and thought I'd check out your blog and say hi. Love that you're picking up knitting again and starting fresh with a new blog! Can't wait to see pictures of what you're making!