Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Half Blood Prince

I have to apologize quickly. I haven't written a blog in forever, I just keep procrastinating, and procrastinating.
I haven't given up on the beautiful Hatmione i was working on, but I might have to scrap it and start fresh because 'the cat' is evil.
Last night I went to the premiere of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I'm so glad it finally happened and the hype for the release is over. I was dying of impatience. I had been counting down for months! Well, my dear friend Louisa and I dressed up for the premiere (the only ones too, so we got some weird looks haha) and it was so much fun. I went as, well just a Gryffindor student but people thought i looked a tad like Hermione (Score!! lol) and Lou Lou dressed up as Tonks! She used temporary dye. I don't have pictures of her, YET! But, here's me dressed up and ready for the premiere!

My thoughts on the film:
The movie as a movie was wonderful. It was thrilling, tear jerking, happy, silly, I laughed, I cried- etc. It was all I wanted and more.
As for living up to the wonder that the book is- well, i'd give it about a "C" grade level. They missed so many details that were key! They added scenes that didn't need to be there, and they just messed around with it too much.
But- you know, I still loved it. You can see that the actors have really grown. They were phenomenal in the movie compared to when they started as little 9-11 year olds. Emma Watson made me cry with her portrayal of Hermione's heartbreak and jealousy :(
Anyways, I can't wait for DH Part one!! :)

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