Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well let's see, how should i begin?
My hair looks like someone barfed shitty blonde sunshine all over the top. I hate this feeling of standing still- like everyone else is moving forward with their lives and i'm stuck here, being driven around by my dad because I failed my driver's test twice and i'm terrified to get behind the wheel. I have six college level classes that I HAVE to get a C or better in with no room for error if i want to graduate. Sure, one is Karate- which i might get more use from than just another PE credit if I can kick someone's ass for an hour two times a week, or learn to in theory at least. I hate being tan. i'm going to be a wrinkly old grandma one day, but at least i look "sun kissed now". I have freckles now- which I am fully content with. Seriously, i look like a fucked up malibu barbie- and my man is gonna come home as a sexy G I Joe and say, "WOW. I've been gone three months, and this happens...?" I can't afford senior pictures, but i'm willing to fork out 100 to make my hair look less shitty. I am VAIN. Oh, and i'm a liar too. Have I read such and such book? No. OH YEAH. I CAN'T PLAY TENOR SAX. SHIT. AND I'M TENOR ONE NEXT YEAR. FML.

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