Sunday, November 8, 2009


I know guys who would do anything for their girl. They talk about her like she's the most amazing thing on the face of this planet. Songs are written by guys who say things like "i don't want to lose you", and "I can't stand to let you go". I could look at this pathetically, "sure, guys are like that- but WHY wasn't HE like that for ME?" or I could look at like "Wow. This is inspiring. Some gentlemen really do care about their girls. One day I hope to find someone who'll feel that way about me." I choose to look at the second option. By looking at the second, it's so much easier to let go and move forward with my life. I could continue to spend days crying over him, but what good will that do? I enjoy life so much more when i'm happier. Redundant much? Well it's true. Plus, Christ wants me to be happy. He's opened so many amazing opportunies in my life that i need to be thankful for. That I AM thankful for. I think Christ has used to this opportunity to help me grow closer to him. I can feel him working in my life again. Sure, i was really sad, but right now i'm filled with so much joy all because of Him. (: It's not going to be an overnight recovery, it's going to take some time. But you know what they say about when you break a bone? It heals back stronger. I think it works just the same for your heart. (:

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  1. I really really love how you stated that it's much easier for you to "move forward."
    Those are the encouraging words God told me. It wasn't "Get over it," or "Move on,"... it was "move forward." It sounds so much more elegant and beneficial. And yes God wants you to be happy. But more importantly, He wants you to LOVE Him. {: And in loving Him, happiness is not the result. Joy is the result, and it is a million times more satisfying, life-giving, and better than being happy.
    I'm so proud of you. :D