Monday, January 11, 2010


This blog is the perfect example of what I don't want to be doing. Procrastinating. But in this case, I procrastinated so much that i actually missed my deadline. By about ten minutes. UGH! I should be kicking myself. Do you want to be a failure? Shift yourself into drive and GO! Work! And SUCCEED! You can't expect to get anywhere and be happy if you spend your hours conversing on facebook. Save that for a weekend where you left yourself free time, not where you swamped yourself in work that your procrastinated off. Bravo. DON'T DO IT AGAIN.
Goal for next month; FOLLOW THROUGH. One blog, every day, on time.
PS: Girl, you're in college. This is a permanent transcript. You want to get into Whitworth, become a nurse and help people? A "C" in Math 97 isn't going to help you get to that goal. Get off your duff and work.

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