Saturday, June 13, 2009

Times Change, So do we

I used to despise my mother's choice in clothing. Looking back, I'm not sure that it was the choice in clothing at all, or rather that she chose it, I did not, and I being the '8-13 year old big girl' I had to make the choices or it could not be considered cool. Now, I love, value, and respect my mother's opinion in my clothing choices. She knows what I like. We have completely different tastes in the way we dress, but she can pick out and find the most inexpensive, wonderful things. Such as this fantastic sundress she bought me today. It's long, purple, flowery and flowing. Tomorrow I'm going on a dinner picnic with my dear friend Louisa, who adores photography. So I'm sure I'll be posting pictures, and yes I shall wear the dress of course! It's a perfect picnic dress. Now I just need to find a new picnic basket.... Hmm.

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