Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm effervescing with a hint of disappointment

Today started out wonderful. I was able to sleep in, shower off, and eat breakfast with the wonderful thought of "Ah, Monday. Monday = Payday. Ch-Ching". This thought suddenly faded to cascading tears as my little brother came down with his beloved ferret nestled in his arms. 'Ferroh' has been fighting cancer for the last few months, and they didn't give him much time to live. Garrett, my brother, said today was the day Ferroh needed to be put down. He was suffering too much for too long.
We arrived into town, brought Ferroh to the vet and said our goodbyes. :( His wife died a couple of months prior, so I think he'll be so much happier- out of his sickness and with the one he loves.
After we got the call that we could pick him up, I decided to stay in town longer with my glorious $177 paycheck. I walked by the heaven that is Wooly Bully Yarns- and to my dismay, it was closed. They closed early. Oh well, it opens at ten AM tomorrow, and you can guess where i'll be. I found the most b-e-a-utiful pattern for a Hermione Granger hat on Ravelry. I can wait to Cast On and try it! Only thing is, I need yarn new needles. So tomorrow, i'll be there with my paycheck.
Right now i'm at the library killing time till i'm picked up at 5. If WB yarns were open, i'd be there staring, drooling, adoring for hours. But My books that I ordered are in- "The Great Perhaps" by Joe Meno, and "The Three Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas. I'll tell you how I liked them when i finish. I found the first mentioned on the Indie Next List. Hope it's a good read! Oh I love books :)
Here's some pictures to end this novel...

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