Friday, June 12, 2009

oh summer time.

A lot has gone down in the last few days. My finals are over and I aced all of the finals I didn't study for, and I got a D+ on the final I studied literally over eight hours for. At least my overall grade wasn't completely suckish (B- in English, FTW).

If you knew my English teacher- you would understand the puddle of happy tears I stood in when I checked my final grades. She is hands down the smartest woman i have ever met. But still the MOST INSANE. She likes Cinnamon bears though, thank gosh.

I hung out with a couple of good girlfriends for the first night of summer break. We played Risk, watched Troy, jumped on the trampoline, and took a plethora of pictures. Here's a glimpse of the night; (:

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